Liar – Rob Roberge

Dates. Memories. Snippets of time. That’s how this book starts out.


Instead of using the first person approach, as most memoirs do, Roberge uses second person. You are the story. You are living Roberge’s life. In one memory, you’re in 2009 – the next you’re in 1912. The jumps in memory read naturally, like they’d play out in your head.

Due to the jumps, it is difficult to pinpoint the timeline of the story. Events occur, but they are so randomly organized that there doesn’t seem to be much – if any – connection. While at first the random un-story-like telling is refreshing, it gets annoying after the first hundred or so pages. After awhile, it makes more sense to read it like individual stories rather than a cohesive whole.

He’s obsessed with death, including his own suicide. In a noteworthy quote at the end of the book Roberge writes, “This is what the world will sound like without you.”

This was a good book, very interesting. It’s definitely a look through Roberge’s eyes – as a memoir goes, this was a successful one.


Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Blogging for Booksfor my honest review.

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