Reset – Nick Hall

Something I quickly noticed while reading Reset is that it is written primarily for youth. That isn’t a bad thing, and there is still plenty of valuable insight to be had from reading this book. What that does mean, though, is that stories from the Bible are told in a “creative” way (pg. 99). Although people could be upset by this, it makes sense for Hall to speak in a way his readers will understand. Hall tells the stories as if from modern times, so a younger reader can more easily relate. Reset would actually be a really good choice to include in a youth Bible study.


Even as someone that no longer fits that age group, Reset has already impacted my life. Upon reading the section on “The Modesto Manifesto” and Billy Graham, I actually read the whole section aloud to my husband (pgs. 125-128). I love that Hall frequently incorporates scripture as well as stories he has been told or read about throughout Reset. 


Reset has two parts, “The Setup” and “Hitting Reset”. The first part helps you realize if you need a reset in your life by telling you stories of people who decided they needed a reset (and why). In this section, Hall also refreshingly tells us something good about our generation. As Millennials we don’t hear good about our generation often, but Hall refuses to only see the negative here. He states, “This is a generation – often referred to as Millennials – that is filled to overflowing with energy and passion and compassion” (pg. 25). There’s a little more to read there, but you’ll just have to pick up Reset. In the second portion of the book, Hall teaches us how to actually reset our lives. Each chapter focuses on different portions of said lives.

For someone in need of encouragement, Reset is a good place to start. Hall points towards The One who has all of the answers, and is honest about his own struggles (even embarrassing ones). Notably, that makes him easier to relate to as a person. He doesn’t hide the fact that even while leading a powerful ministry (Pulse) he still has shortcomings.

I enjoyed Reset, and I think if you want to see change in your own life, then you will too.


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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