Nighttime Mania: Rainbow Kaleidoscope

People with mental illnesses often see things other people don’t see. What they see or experience could be nearly anything. Mania doesn’t necessarily mean people see things that aren’t there, but in cases where mania is part of a different illness it can easily occur that way.

nighttime mania

Nighttime Mania:

One night in March, I was manic and unable to sleep. Having just started new medication recently, we were still adjusting the dosage. I have a friend who works nights, and thus is usually awake at odd hours. Sometimes he gets weird texts from me … such as the one he got this particular night:

“It’s back ward s the rainbow room but head spinning kaleidoscope s don’t spin heads only rainbows.”

Yes, the words were spaced like that.

To explain what the text meant, I drew an interpretation of the visuals I saw that night. My head had felt like it was spinning, and a kaleidoscope of rainbows covered the surfaces in the darkened room. Although I was literally seeing these rainbows, people who have seen the sketch say it looks like how mania is described as being (not seeing).


A Word of Caution:

Mania can be (and probably is) experienced differently by everyone, but it can be very interesting. Personally I find it quite fun – although that doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing. The “fun” of mania can cause problems too – problems with making bad decisions that seem okay in the moment, or with acting in a way that we normally wouldn’t. There’s a whole host of things that could happen. We have to be careful. The person best equipped to give reliable advice is your doctor – please listen to what they have to say.

Happy Friday!

XOXO, Nicole

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