The Heirs – Susan Rieger

It was a struggle to finish this book. The story moved along slowly, and other books were much more enticing. The Falkes men were entitled, self-indulgent brats, and difficult to like. Actually, I didn’t manage to like them at all. Susanna was a rather sweet character, but slightly ruined by the fact that she fell for someone who would never love her how she deserved to be loved. Reading The Heirs was frustrating with difficult characters like these! It often seemed like Rieger tried to include components to The Heirs that might be a draw to certain readers, but did not add any benefit to the story.


Drama Fell Short:

The story read like it was supposed to sound really dramatic, but the drama fell short for me. I almost gave up finishing the novel several times. Despite all of this, there was a section that included a reference I really appreciated on page 116:

 “I want a scientific breakthrough, a miracle.
‘Not very English of you,’ Francie said. We still ‘go gentle into that good night.’ “

I loved that Rieger included that poem! All in all, though, I do not recommend this book. It was unfortunately a bit of a boring read, and did not keep my interests at all. The story could have been much shorter and still given much of the same information, just at a faster pace (which would have been preferable).


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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