Nyxia – Scott Reintgen

The concept behind Nyxia was what initially attracted me – a substance found in space that has “quietly” become the most valuable material in existence? Danger, fortunes and secrets? Yes, please!


I love that not everything in Nyxia is as straightforward as it initially seems. Sometimes the recruits make me want to scream at them, but that just makes their characters seem so much more realistic. Babel Communications is cold, heartless and sometimes bloodthirsty – which embodies what we often imagine huge corporations to be like.

Favorite Characters:

My favorite characters were Kaya and Morning, ironically enough. (Read Nyxia to discover what the irony actually is!) Morning was the strong, capable leader makes you want to be just like her, and Kaya was sweet and kind, someone you could easily be friends with. I found them similar in many ways, which is probably why they both made my favorite character list. Oh, and I loved Vandeemer. He was insightful, caring – he needs to make a reappearance if there is another book! Vandeemer would go beyond his required responsibilities, and it always felt like he actually cared about his charges, not just the money. As an example, when Emmett does something he shouldn’t (no spoilers here!) instead of yelling:

Vandeemer doesn’t come down too hard on me. Instead, he makes me do yoga. I inhale, stretch, roll shoulders, and find the anger fading to the distant corners of my brain.

pg. 242

That quote just displays Vandeemer’s personality so well, I think.

Minor Aggravations:

What was especially aggravating, though, is the lack of answers at the end of the book. Of course Babel has secrets, and although we find a few along the way we never really learn what they mean. I would definitely appreciate more answers.

The ending was an unexpected twist, and I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. Overall, I’d give this book four stars. It was an enjoyable read that I recommend to anyone who loves sci-fi.


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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