Lullaby Road – James Anderson

To think I almost skipped reading this book because of the cover. I almost missed out on a fantastic story … because in truth, I only picked it up due to the great reviews. The reviewers were right.

lullaby road

The characters are well-developed, and the layers slowly unfold as the story progresses. Ben, a delivery truck driver, gets more than he bargained for on a stop when he picks up unexpected cargo – a small, mute Hispanic child. He’ll face more than bad weather along this route.

It was hard to choose, but I think my favorite character was Manita. She was a powerful force in this story by actions and motivation alone. Phyllis was also a tough yet lovable individual. As Anderson wove this story it felt real, like Manita and Phyllis were right there. I could see the story play out (as all good tales should).

My only complaint was the ending. There were too many questions left when it ended. Not a cliffhanger, but still really frustrating to reach the end of a tale when you’ve grown so attached to the characters to not know what became of them.

I would also argue with some of the choices Ben made, but that’s what makes Ben his own character. As Ben put it,

“Maybe it was karma that was blind. Justice sure as hell wasn’t.” pg. 234

I highly recommend this tale to those who love an amazing bittersweet tale.


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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