Simple Sugar-Free Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

Are you ever craving a chai tea latte but don’t want to put forth much effort to make one? That was me today. All of the recipes I found were either more work than I had the energy for, or loaded with sugar.

Enter this simple latte.

vanilla chai latte

It’s perfect for when you are craving something hot and creamy; if you are a Trim Healthy Mama just make sure you consume it with some form of protein at snack time or along with a meal (as it is not an all day sipper).


Vanilla Chai Tea Latte – THM FP

1 cup boiling hot water

1 vanilla chai tea bag (I used Bigelow brand)

1/2 cup unsweetened original almond milk

small splash vanilla extract

dash cinnamon

dash cloves

1 tsp Pyure sweetener


Steep the tea bag in the boiling water for about five minutes. In a quart sized mason jar, with an immersion blender, blend the almond milk with the vanilla, spices, and sweetener. You could also use a large mug, but I would recommend blending only half of the milk and adding the other half after, to avoid making a mess. This makes your milk slightly frothy and helps keep the spices from all sitting in one place.

You could skip the blending and simply stir, if you don’t mind the spices in one place and not having frothy milk. Add the hot tea to the jar, give a quick blend (or stir), and enjoy!

Serves 1

* Note* This is NOT an all day sipper due to the almond milk. It is also not meant to be an entire snack or meal alone, you need protein.

This post was not sponsored by Bigelow, I simply enjoy their products and wished to share what I used with you.





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