Anxiety In Action

Is there a project you’ve been working on for a long time – in my case, years – but anxiety keeps you from ever finishing? I keep hitting the backspace button, writing and re-writing over and over again. My project is never finished.

If you have a project like that, then this web comic is for you. We are the ones who understand the struggle of never finishing, no matter how hard we work. The ones who write or sketch or cook – whatever the project may be – and then undo all of our hard work because it wasn’t “right”.

The memoir I may never finish.

This particular comic tells a story of the memoir I keep trying to write … trying and then deleting over and over again. Or putting the story on a back burner to be mulled over but not getting back to writing on it for months, because I don’t know where to start or what to say.

Someday, I will release my memoir. A memoir of jail and institutions and hopefully not death for a very long time. A memoir of mental illness.

The Face of Anxiety

The face of my anxiety is failure. That my memoir will release to crickets, or negative reviews. Or that I will never finish it. Or even that publishers won’t accept it. The list goes on, and not just about my memoir – about making an income I can live on, or about being a burden ….

What is the face of your anxiety? Is it anxiety about everything in general, anxiety about a specific project, anxiety of not being perfect? Maybe your anxiety is of failure too. No matter what your anxiety relates to, you likely understand how anxiety keeps you from ever feeling like “enough” – just remember that no matter what anxiety says, you are. You are enough.

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