Trim Healthy Mama BuJo Tracking

Using a bullet journal is the latest craze, and I can completely see why. With all of the benefits of a planner but more flexibility and room for creativity, bullet journals fill a need we didn’t even know we had.

Trim Healthy Mama bujo fuel type tracker

I have two bullet journals, because I like to keep home and work life separate – which is hard to do considering I work from home! Having a dedicated journal for each makes that easier.

In my “home” bullet journal I of course track mental illness symptoms such as mood, but I also track what I eat. Trim Healthy Mama, the lifestyle I have chosen to follow, can be a bit confusing when you are first getting started. I developed two spreads dedicated to tracking meal types – one for when I was just starting with THM, and one for when I was further along in my journey and more aware of what each meal was.

The first spread:

Basic Trim Healthy Mama food tracking bujo page

As you can see, the spread is quite basic, but it does the job. It only tracks the simplest meal types – S, E, FP and XO. Each color corresponds to a meal type and allows me to see at a glance how I am doing at switching up my fuels and what meals I might need to eat more of. The “X” denotes a meal I did not eat. The second column is almost all ‘x’s – that is because I often wake up late and do not eat a snack before lunch.

On the left hand side is the calendar date, and on the top, the B, S, L, S, D, S marks whether the meal was breakfast, lunch dinner, or a snack (all of the S’s).

The second spread:

Trim Healthy Mama advanced BuJo fuel tracker

As you can see, the second spread is a more advanced version of the first. It goes in depth on S meals – whether they are light, heavy, deep S, or S helper, as well as including “personal choice” meals and off plan meals. If I had continued using the first spread, I would have added a color for off plan as well. This is the spread I currently use.

I love to look back at the end of the month (or even during the month) and see what I need to adjust. Too many crossovers? Too many heavy S meals? Looking back I have a good idea of what I’m eating and what needs to be adjusted for me to keep losing weight or if I did well, to maintain my weight loss.

Although I did not use it as an example above, this spread is also great for tracking fuel cycles. Depending on how long the fuel cycle you have chosen is, the day would be solid “deep S” or whichever fuel you are currently on. Looking back you can see if you went off plan or ate the wrong fuel during your fuel cycle.

Do you have a method for tracking your Trim Healthy Mama fuel types?

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