Lost Income (Loops and Whorls pt. 2)

For a quick summary (to catch up those of you who jumped to pt. 2), my dog, Elki, has arthritis, degenerative joint disease, both knee caps out of place (due to her arthritis) and a torn cruciate ligament. Within a year, if she does not have surgery, it is estimated that her other (already bad) knee will go out, and she will be unable to walk. At that point we will have to decide between paying $3-5,000 per surgery (one for each knee) or putting her down.

We are currently looking at various options for the surgery, but if you would like more information please see Elki (Loops and Whorls pt. 1).

More Loops and Whorls:

Those of you who suffer from anxiety will likely understand this next portion. Due to finances and just plain fear, I have not been to a dentist in years. Roughly eight of them. I knew about a cavity before deciding not to go anymore, simply because I became an adult and they would no longer use gas but start using the needle. I am terrified of needles.

Unfortunately, a molar chipped recently. Or broke. I’m not really sure how to describe what happened other than a portion of my tooth is no longer attached. Which, all things considered, isn’t that big of a deal. Except a day or two later, my tooth started to ache and my gums swelled like they had a marble underneath.

I have a dentist appointment for the beginning of February …

More to the Story:

This is where I hesitate to share. Thus far I have refrained from telling people that I was on Social Security Income for my mental issues. It’s such a controversial topic that I wanted to avoid the tangle as much as possible. Now, however, it is one more loop and whorl in my story.

After a year filled with jail and various institutions, I applied for Social Security and was approved. This was the same year I married my husband. To attempt to make a long story shorter, we had very little or no income (other than social security) for over two years while my husband was a student. We primarily lived on loans.

My husband recently started work. We not only called to report the change, but reported his new income in the Social Security app dutifully every month. However, apparently calling in information and reporting in the app are both allegations – not proven. Social Security would would send the money, then tell us (in the same month) that I had been overpaid due to my husband’s income and that we needed to pay it back. This continued month after month despite calls (which somehow Social Security has no record of) and paperwork filed.

We recently had a very stressful (and quite long) appointment at the Social Security office in which we discussed the situation and updated information. The final verdict seems to be that I will lose income due to non-medical reasons, be required to pay back the over payments, as well as lose insurance – which ties back to the tooth issue at the beginning of this post.

As I require regular psychiatric appointments, counseling and medications in order to remain stable, my husband has put me on his insurance – which means more money out of his paycheck and less money to go towards Elki’s surgery.

The loss of income, in addition to paying back loans, paying back over payments, and added expenses (insurance, and we were hoping to move in the next six months) coupled with Elki’s health issues make for quite a stressful situation.

To Be Continued … when I know more.

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