Is Therapy a Good Fit for You?

Ironically, right as I am leaving therapy, is when I created this decision tree about whether or not therapy would be a good fit for you, the reader.

My leaving therapy is tied to the loss of insurance mentioned in the last post … so it’s to-be-determined if I decide to find a new therapist or not.

For now, though, let’s discuss some of the benefits I have noticed from therapy.

  • Leaving appointments feeling empowered to change/feeling like the problem is manageable.
  • Having someone to discuss problems with (I am most definitely an “external processor” as my husband puts it, meaning I need to hear and discuss problems out loud instead of within myself.)
  • Having someone who recognizes when things are bad enough I need to go to the hospital (a decision I refuse to make for myself as I hate being hospitalized).
  • Having someone who can help me discuss problems with the psychiatrist that I don’t know how to put into words (usually only applicable if the therapist and psychiatrist work for the same organization, but very beneficial).
  • “Homework” assignments that I may not have thought of myself that help me to grow and improve my life/symptoms.

Everyone’s experiences with therapy are different, and you may find the benefits you experience are different from the ones mentioned above – and that’s okay! On the flip side, some people do not find much benefit from therapy – and that’s fine too. I have found my experiences really depend on the individual therapist and my motivation to change.

Whether you decide to give therapy a chance or not, remember:
no one can change you unless you choose to change yourself – they can just help nudge you along the path.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been a doctor or medical professional. Everyone’s circumstances are different and there is no one-size-fits-all for whether or not someone should be in therapy or actively seeking help. The decision tree included in this article is meant to be a helpful guideline, not to make the choice for you. Before starting or ending therapy, please discuss your circumstances and decision with a professional.

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