Meal Planning

Trim Healthy Mama, the lifestyle I have been following for just over a year, is (as most lifestyle changes are) easier when we have accountability or people who are working with us making the same changes.

With that in mind, I have decided to try meal planning – meaning planning breakfast, lunch and dinner, not just dinners (my usual method) all while staying below a certain price limit (not decided yet) and reducing dairy.

Even though that may sound like a lot (it kind of is) I know that I am capable because I have done it before, for fuel cycles. The only addition is reducing dairy.

I decided to reduce dairy because despite following Trim Healthy Mama fairly closely for over a year, I haven’t lost any weight for more than six months – even after a fuel cycle. Knowing I’m healthier and seeing inches decrease is still a great non-scale victory (NSV) but I’m starting to feel discouraged.

The dairy I decided to keep in my diet includes:

  • butter
  • cottage cheese
  • kefir
  • whey protein
  • Greek yogurt
  • cheese sticks

However, despite choosing to keep these items, I plan on reducing how often I eat them. I may switch to non-dairy yogurt, but these changes will likely be gradual. It’s overwhelming to reduce something that I used to eat quite a bit of.

Hopefully, by reducing diary to just a few items, I will see the scale start moving again.

There will be times cheese or another dairy product will be included in a menu (I’m reducing, not eliminating) but that will gradually become less and less if things go as planned.

Also, I hope to begin posting those meal plans here, potentially as soon as next week. Not only will that help provide accountability (I have to make a menu to post it!) but hopefully it will be a helpful resource for you, my readers. This would be a weekly post in addition to my regular Friday posts, not instead of. AKA, you will be hearing from me twice a week instead of just once.

Talk to you soon,


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