Weekly Meal Plan 2/11-17/19

Welcome to my first weekly meal plan post! These meal plans will be following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. I will be using the cookbooks I own, including the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook, Trim Healthy Table, Briana Thomas’ cookbooks Necessary Food and Convenient Food, as well as Glenda Groff’s cookbook Around The Family Table.

Now I understand that some people don’t have the luxury of owning all of those cookbooks, and I want these meal plans to be accessible to everyone, so I will post potential alternative recipes when using Necessary Food, Convenient Food, or Around the Family Table.

Please note that although I will attempt to find similar alternative recipes, this may not always be doable. I will still post an alternate recipe, but it may be very different.

Without further ado, the first weekly meal plan:


B – (S) Trimmy Light (THM Cookbook pg 430) or a Yuck Yum Bitty (Trim Healthy Table pg 498) and Spinach Steamed Eggs (Around The Family Table pg. 94) 

Alternative recipe: (S) Sauteed spinach topped with fried eggs

L – (S) Cranberry Pecan Muffins (ATFT pg 118)

Alternative recipe: (S) Cranberry Orange Muffins from Joy Filled Eats

D – (E) Balsamic Sausage and Veg. (ATFT pg 206) – (I recommend making a half batch unless you have a large, hungry family. This recipe makes a lot!)

Alternative Recipe: (E) Sheet Pan Balsamic Parmesan Chicken Sausage from Bless Her Heart Y’all (leave off the Parmesan for E)


B – (S) Trimmy Light (THM Cookbook pg 430) and leftover cranberry pecan muffins

L – (E) Leftover balsamic sausage and veg

D – (S) Japanese Chicken (CF pg 106) and Garlic Butter Zoodles (CF pg 183)

Alternative Recipe: (S) Japanese Chicken from Briana Thomas and Garlic Butter Zoodles with Herbs from The Iron You.


B – (S or FP) One-Minute Yogurt Bowl (THT pg 445)

L – (E or XO) Sandwich with sprouted or soured bread and E or FP fillings

D – (S) Potsticker Patties (THM Cookbook pg 175)


B – (E) Pearl’s Sweatpants Oatmeal

Alternative Recipe: (since the sweatpants oatmeal recipe is found in the Facebook group, and not everyone is on FB) Big Bowl Cinnamon Oatmeal (THT pg 354)

L – (S) French Toast in a Bowl (THM cookbook pg 266)

D – (S) Leftover Japanese Chicken or potsticker patties


B – (S) Brainy Blueberry Muffin (THM cookbook pg 275)

L – (E or XO) Sandwich with sprouted or soured bread and E or FP fillings

D – (XO) Bacon Cheeseburger soup from Unbound Wellness (*I used pre-cooked bacon pieces instead of fresh bacon – If you don’t want an XO, you can make this an E by using almond milk instead of coconut milk, leaving off the bacon and rinsing your lean meat, or an S by leaving out the sweet potato and increasing the carrots.)


B – (E) Crunchy Granola (THT pg 361)

L – (S or FP) Basic Spinach Salad with any ingredients available like a small amount of leftover blueberries or a can of chicken, maybe some leftover carrots.

D – (S) Leftovers


B – (E) Parfaits with leftover granola and Greek yogurt, blueberries (leftover from blueberry muffin)

L – (S) Leftovers

D – (S) Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (ATFT pg 173) (*I’m leaving off the cheese)

Alternative recipe: Low Carb Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from Resolution Eats

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