Weekly Meal Plan 2/25-3/19

Using the cookbooks Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, Trim Healthy Table, Convenient Food, and Around the Family Table, this meal plan follows the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle.

For any recipe that is not from an official THM cookbook, I will provide an alternate, somewhat similar recipe.



  • B – (E) Pearl’s Sweatpants Oatmeal
  • B – Alternate Recipe: Big Bowl Cinnamon Oatmeal (THT pg 354)
  • L – (FP) Creamless Creamy Chicken (THM Cookbook pg. 78)
  • D – (S) Sushi Night (THT pg. 277) and Chocolicious Thin Thick (THM Cookbook pg. 423)


  • B – (S) Hot Chia Porridge (CF pg 54)
  • B – Alternate Recipe: (S) Warm Chia Porridge
  • L – (E or XO) Sandwich on sprouted or soured bread with fillings of choice.
  • D – Leftovers


  • B – (S) Sauteed Cabbage topped with 2-3 fried eggs
  • L – (E) 1 apple, PB Junkie Butter (THM Cookbook pg. 481) and a Trimmy Light hot drink (THM Cookbook pg 430)
  • D – (S) Little Sweet Little Spicy Drumsticks (THT pg 221) and Freshy Bowl (THT pg. 265)


  • B – (FP) Mint Chocolate Chip Okra Shake (ATFT pg 147)
  • B – Alternate Recipe: (S) Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Shake (THM Cookbook pg 410)
  • L – Leftovers
  • D – (E) Chicken Fried Double Rice (THT pg. 53)


  • B – (S) Spinach and Sausage Quiche (THM Cookbook pg 150)
  • L – (E or XO) Sandwich on sprouted or soured bread with fillings of choice.
  • D – (S) Superfood Loaded Salad (THM Cookbook pg 192)


  • B – (S) Leftover Quiche
  • L – (E) Zingy Zangy Tuna Salad (THT pg 302)
  • D – Leftovers

Happy healthy eating, everyone!

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