Sacred Rest – Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD

Formed of dense chapters meant to be savored rather than devoured, Sacred Rest guides us through how to rest our minds, bodies, and spirits in ways we probably never considered before.

Although I wish Sacred Rest went into more depth with the actual guidance rather than mostly focusing on the types of rest and how to know they are needed, Sacred Rest was still a great read that had me thinking in new ways.

Without even finishing reading Sacred Rest the first time, I knew it was one of those novels that needs to be read more than once to fully digest the information.

In addition, although it may seem strange on a book such as this one, I would also add a trigger warning. There is a brief passage towards the middle of the book that mentions self harm, which as someone who formerly self harmed I found very triggering.

Overall I found Sacred Rest to be enjoyable, practical, and informative. Dr. Dalton-Smith combines the information with personal stories, weaving the two so that while they are related, the information doesn’t bore the reader.

I would recommend this book to receptive readers looking to improve their quality of life, but most especially to Christians with that same goal as this book has a most decidedly Christian basis.

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