Weekly Meal Plan 3/4-10/19

If you have been with Trim Healthy Mama for very long, you have probably heard of – if not already tried – okra smoothies. Many people tend to avoid okra due to the sliminess and ick factor, but in a smoothie, most people (including me) cannot detect the okra – even knowing it’s there!

So why am I talking about okra smoothies? Well, I’m challenging myself, and all of you, to a week of okra smoothies. Okra is loaded with health benefits, and is said to help budge those stubborn pounds – and as someone who hasn’t lost any weight in more than six months – despite being on plan for over a year – I am ready to see some more weight loss!

The smoothies are all different, and written into the menu; one per day. Feel free (as always) to rearrange the menu to better suit your wants and needs – if you would rather have an okra smoothie every morning rather than for different meals depending on the day, go for it!

If you would rather not have an okra smoothie at all, there are lots of other smoothie options you could sub in with.

This menu uses Convenient Food, the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, and Trim Healthy Table.

I will provide alternate recipes for those that come from unofficial THM cookbooks.


  • Breakfast – (FP) Chocolate Dreamy
  • Lunch – (S) Chicken Chicken Bang Bang (THM Cookbook pg. 77)
  • Dinner – (E) Greek Chicken Bake (CF pg. 80) and (FP) Salad in a Jar (THM Cookbook pg 188)
  • Alternate Recipe: (S) Greek Chicken Bake
  • NOTES – The alternate recipe is an S, so if you decide to make the alternate recipe instead of the original dinner plan, try to have some healthy carbs for a snack. I try to plan one E meal per day in these menus, as per a THM recommendation.


  • Breakfast – (E) Superfood Breakfast Smoothie
  • Lunch – (FP) Stupid Simple Zucchini Alfredo (THT 309)
  • Dinner – (S) Egg Roll in a Bowl part Deux (THT pg. 63)


  • Breakfast – (S) Cream of Treat Hot Porridge (THT pg. 353)
  • Lunch – (FP) Berry Secretive Big Boy (THM Cookbook pg. 416)
  • Dinner – Leftovers


  • Breakfast – (S) Bring on da Buttah Pancakes (THM Cookbook pg. 262)
  • Lunch – (E) Chicken Salad Delight (THT pg. 299)
  • Dinner – (FP) Sensitive Secret Big Boy (THM Cookbook pg. 417)


  • Breakfast – (E) Pint Jar Oats (THT pg. 343)
  • Lunch – (S) BBBB Thin Thick (THM Cookbook pg. 425)
  • Dinner – (S) 5 Minute 5 Ingredient Cheesy Bacon Chicken and (S) Chicken Caesar Salad (CF pg. 170)
  • Alternate Recipe – (S) Caesar Dressing
  • NOTES – I would leave out the chicken in the salad as there is plenty of protein in the main dish. We are just wanting a side with the salad, not a meal.


  • Breakfast – (S) Minty Tummy Soother Shake (THT pg. 486)
  • Lunch – (E) Open-Face Tuna Pizzazz (THT pg. 297)
  • Dinner – Leftovers


  • Breakfast – (E) Fluffy White Banana Pancakes (THT pg. 339)
  • Lunch – (FP) Green Secret Big Boy (THM Cookbook pg. 416)
  • Dinner – (S) Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli (THT pg. 82)

Did you try the week-long okra shake challenge? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below!

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