Sketches, paintings, crafts … some of my favorite things to sketch out or paint are things that I see and no one else does. It helps me explain to those close to me what I am experiencing, as well as help me not feel so alone. Those are usually in the sketches & art category. The writing … not many things are more soothing than words flowing from your fingertips. Well, for someone who loves to write, that is. Even if no one ever reads the words that spill out, it gets it out of our heads. Sometimes we need to clear our heads a bit. Writing can be on paper, on a computer, on a typewriter – I even write on my skin when symptoms are really bad. Below are some thoughts that escaped the ever-hovering delete button.

Sketches & Art:

Nighttime Mania: Rainbow Kaleidoscope

Overwhelmed Sketch

Saying Goodbye



On the Path to Independence

From A Delusional Mind

Sincerely, Words on a Screen